crystal bead bracelets

Crystal bracelets


I believe crystals should be available to all! Did you know 10% of the earth crust is made of Rose Quartz, all that beautiful energy from Gaia beneath our toes!

I love creating beautiful jewellery using crystals. Each crystal is unique, holding beautiful energy for you to carry with you each day, to work with.

My bracelets are handmade, I hand pick each crystal to combine together so each bracelet is unique, and then they are on their way to you! I have beautiful gift envelopes available (with optional confetti! Who doesn't love a sprinkling of magic?!) which can be added at check out.

The first bracelet combination I created was my 3 bead Rose Quartz & Amethyst. These crystals sit so beautifully together...Loving and Protective, which is why its such a special gift for a friend.

This inspired me to add beautiful Amazonite ( one of my favourites) to create Protection & Peace, a 5 bead bracelet.

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