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  • Suzanne Wallace

Attract Abundance

Who wouldn't want to attract abundance into their life? Abundance comes in many form, have you ever really given it much thought......more.......more of what?

More money would be the first one that comes to mind for most, but how about, more love, more positive relationships, more emotional balance, more creativity. The list can go on!

Citrine is the gemstone of abundance, it also encourages fun, wonder, delight, enthusiasm, happiness and joy.

Natural Citrine is clear, a yellow, golden or lemon variety of quartz. The colour is due to the heat from volcanic and other earth activity.

Citrine is the "Money stone" bringing abundance and wealth. Good for making decisions, learning and teaching. Studying, being creative, writing, problem solving, and new beginnings. Also a feel better stone....even helps to sell houses.

Physically it is thought to be good for the digestive system and all related disorders. Also good for eyesight, and the heart, kidneys, thyroid, thymus and liver. Helps with tissue regeneration, anaemia, jaundice, nausea and vomiting, and detoxing. Increases blood circulation and detoxifies the blood.

Emotionally good for relationships, self esteem and self-confidence, aura work (It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition), and getting rid of emotional toxins too. Citrine helps to emotionally balance the yin & yang. It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias.

So weather you pop a piece of natural Citrine in your wallet or purse or beside your computer this beautiful crystal of abundance will work with you.

Birthstone -November

Zodiac - AriesGeminiLeoLibra

Planet - Jupiter

Element - Air

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