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About Me

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Yoga classes at Antrobus House, Amesbury. 10am Classes and 12.30pm classes at Neal's Yard, Salisbury.  Crystal bead bracelets and Hand Therapy creams.
Yoga classes at Antrobus House, Amesbury. 10am Classes and 12.30pm classes at Neal's Yard, Salisbury.  Crystal bead bracelets and Hand Therapy creams.

This is my story, my inspiration and the reason for my blog and crystal bracelet jewellery store...  

I have been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for more than 10 years. Qualifying in 2021 ignited my passion to share and honour this sacred ancient living wisdom tradition with the intention to weave this knowledge into every aspect of my daily life.



I completed my yoga teacher training at Brave Fish Yoga, UK. I'm truly blessed to be the student of mother and daughter duo, Clare Allen and Daisy Allen Crook, devotees of Paul and Suzee Grilley.

I have over 300 hours of Yoga training which includes a foundational course, Yin yoga and building spinal strength and endurance.
I enjoy both the philosophical and physical benefits of the practice and recognise that deep knowledge of the tradition means an understanding that it reaches far beyond the aesthetic dimension so commonly embraced in “modern yoga”.

Yoga goes beyond the asana, physical practice, it helps navigate and explore the depths of your unique skeletal variation and architecture to strengthen your foundation and to connect to the soul of yoga.
No two skeletons are alike so we cannot expect two skeletons to behave the same. We need to embrace our experience and explore and feel yoga our own way.

In a functional approach to yoga there is no such thing as a perfect pose - yoga is for every body, enabling universal inclusion. Moving away from the arbitrary standard of modern yoga and what a pose looks like. Instead encouraging students to ask what the pose feels like.
We do not use the body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body” Bernie Clark

The opportunity to discover your soul's blueprint, though the practice of yoga, mediation, breathwork and study. Taking the time to find your center, watch your breath and listen to the internal flow of information that your body, mind and spirit may be offering you.

Remaining a student of life, gaining knowledge and learning from experiences and from my teachers. I have been greatly influenced by some exceptional teachers, Paul Grilley, Suzee Grilley, Sarah Powers. I have completed workshops on The Bhagavad Gita, the sacred sanskrit scripture of the 6th book of the Mahabharata with Clare Allen. ‘Your spine your yoga’ with Professor Stuart McGill a world-renowned expert in spine biomechanics and Bernie Clark, focusing on Increased Spinal Stability, Mobility, Endurance, and Well-Being.

As an aromatherapist and reflexologist I weave my knowledge of reflexology and the meridians into my practice whilst gently diffusing essential oils tailored to each class.

We are born with the energy to create, the power to love without condition and the strength to overcome obstacles. Yoga doesn't start and stop on your mat, spread yoga into every part of your life.

  My love for crystals is never ending..

I have developed a beautiful energy connection with crystals over the years.

I love to work with crystals in my yoga practice. Aligning crystals with the chakras and breath work can be incredibly beneficial. I make a wide range of crystal bracelets, crystal mala beads for meditation and bespoke crystal creations. These can be all discovered by visiting my Etsy store or alternatively ask me after class and I would be more than happy to chat about crystals!

I love that 10% of the earths crust is Quartz...we are walking on an incredible bed of energy with every step.

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When the unique energies in each of these gemstones radiate through the energy centers in our bodies, vibrational healing occurs, both physically and emotionally. Healing occurs in a variety of ways and it is different for each person. It can be anything from removing blockages in the body, releasing emotions or increasing energy, no two people are alike.

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I love Yoga, it literally changed my life....

 I roll my mat out everyday if I can. Making 20 minutes for meditation can set your intention for the day.

As long as I have a yoga mat and some crystals i'm super happy! 


My journey is also a spiritual one, learning to be 100% authentic to myself. I learn more about myself everyday. That journey is one of constant growth as we go through different phases of our life. 

It all starts with believing in yourself, to follow your dreams, to know you are a masterpiece and that you are whole. What you believe you will become….

 I think you should aim for the stars! 

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