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  • Suzanne Wallace

Blue sky, sunshine and Om...

When the sun shines doesn't it make everything feel just that little bit better, brighter I guess you could say. It's like positivity is radiating down onto us, ready for us to soak it up.

As I pulled back the curtains today I was greeted with clear blue sky's and the sound of bird song (it's like something out of a Disney film) After my builders brew, it was time to get my yoga kit on and start with my meditation.

I've recently discovered I enjoy vocal meditation (I think in the past I've been a bit too shy or unconfident to hear my voice in that way, but now I feel I've found my meditation groove).

Chanting gently a Sanksrit mantra, with my mala beads. I also complete a descending nyssa meditation where you make the vibrational sound of each chakra (In Sanksrit, nyasa means “placing” or “touching” so for this practice I'm placing my focus and energy to each chakra with the corresponding sound)

For those who of you who are new to this you have 7 chakras, starting with the crown chakra working downwards through the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and finally the root chakra. Each is an energy center. When you are balanced all flow in harmony, yet sometimes they can become blocked, this is when you may feel out of balance.

So this morning I took my practice outside, amazing to have this beautiful weather to make it possible. I roll my mat out, connect with Gaia and begin...and I feel like I'm back on my yoga retreat..bliss.

I'm sure my neighbours think what on earth is Suzy doing, but hey they are used to it now and seeing my feet poking out above the fence when I'm in a headstand. After my practice I continue with a yoga retreat style breakfast complete with chia seeds. (did you know they are a prebiotic...we should all be eating these magical little seeds, your gut will thank you)

Is it a crazy idea that we start to love ourselves from the inside out? Maybe a new way of thinking for many. You don't have to throw yourself in at the deep end and start meditating or wearing tie dye hippy clothes (this is just the stereotype that springs to mind to some...and i'll have you know since my daughter got a tie dye kit for her birthday we are rocking some hot new looks at home!)

But I feel there is space given to us in these uncertain times, to get to know yourself as if you were meeting you for the first time.

Finding the time in your day, or a quiet space to ask yourself how you are. Especially if you are surrounded by chaos, maybe just give yourself the opportunity to breathe. Yes we breathe all the time, otherwise we wouldn't be here, right?!

Now ask yourself when was the last time you focused on your breath? Up until about 8 years ago I'd never thought of my breath, and that was when I was learning about how to breathe in labour. Fast forward 4 years and I found yoga, and the yogic breath.

Suddenly we hear the bird song more as the hum of traffic fades, we too could listen to ourselves….for just 20 minutes a day....and breathe.

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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