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  • Suzanne Wallace

Don't Rush the river

Ever watched, how birds of prey ride the thermals, circling in the sky for ages...waiting... letting nature provide what it is eagerly searching for.

We live in a society where everything is instant, a text message, email, shopping online all at a click of a button, photographs even( Do you remember...what my kids would say "old fashioned film" that makes me feel old!) You'd take a photo and have to wait a week for it to be developed and then you'd receive it in the post to find out you have red eye and you had cut half the people out of the shot. Before the days of smartphones, where you could check, filter and put butterflies round your head.

We are used to everything being instant when in reality, more now than ever we have lost control of being able to push forward to do what is normal (what is normal...I've quite forgotten) instead mother nature has said...hang on, don't rush the river.

She has pressed pause, a pause perhaps we all needed. To look without distraction. An opportunity to stop and assess, to grow. Creating a new normal.

Like the river, it meanders it's way slowly towards the sea, the twists and turns are what carve its way through the landscape and slows the rush of the water down, there are parts which are like rapids, which perhaps try to steer you off course.

Different parts of the same river will run at different speeds. Sometimes there’s an ebb and you seem to be going backwards, or nowhere. Sometimes there’s a s l o w f l o w, moving but not moving very fast. And sometimes the river is running so fast you don’t know which way is up!

Wherever you are on the river of life right now, do your best to accept it and go with the flow. Be thankful for the slow times and the ebbs, they allow you to stop and smell the roses, to rest and reflect and ponder…and they help you conserve your energy for the inevitable return of flow, for those times when all you can do is to sit back and try to enjoy the ride!

What is meant for you will not pass you by ...

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